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Personal Injury Attorney Serving Hampton Roads including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth

15 Years proven experience as a Personal Injury firm

Our success in recovering significant financial damages for our personal injury clients doesn’t result from chance or good luck. Insurance Adjusters know all the local personal injury attorneys and their firms, They Know who will file litigation if maximum fair settlement cannot be reached and who is unlikely to. Our reputation for aggressive representation of our personal injury clients is your best tool to achieve the highest possible settlement. Choose not only for experience in handling personal cases but for success in personal injury awards and settlements!
Aggressive Strategy

Serious or catastrophic injuries forever change your life, your earning capacity, your relationship with your family and your friends. We understand that clients need financial and medical resources to achieve stability and a sense of normalcy in their lives. So our goal is to settle your claim or bring it to trial timely and for the maximum award possible. Once you become a client, we will move quickly to secure critical evidence, which is crucial to fully protecting your rights. We approach every case as if litigation will be necessary. We work with the best forensic, scientific, medical, and investigative experts in the field to proactively develop your personal injury case for trial, if necessary. We don’t wait for events to take place in your case. We make exceptional results happen.
Exceptional Results

We measure the success of our financial settlements and jury awards against our clients’ current and future needs. Life altering injuries require significant resources to restore one’s ability to enjoy life. We care that you get what you need and deserve. That’s the measure we live by, and believe that our clients attest to the fact that we have met that standard of success. That’s what we mean by exceptional results. If you have been injured as the result of a negligent act of another, it’s important you act quickly to preserve your rights and to collect just compensation under state and federal laws. We will work hard to see you receive full and fair compensation that secures your future medical care and lost wages. No Case is to Large or to Small, There are no unimportant Clients!

We never charge a fee in personal injury cases until we win your case. All our initial consultations are at no charge to you. Call today.

Hampton Roads Personal Injury attorney with offices in each Hampton Roads city including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News and Hampton

We make exceptional results happen.
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